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A Lesson in Courage...

August 31, 2018

Whatever your political beliefs, it is almost impossible not to be inspired by the life and legacy of Senator John McCain.

I used to believe business was not the place to discuss, or even breach the subject of, politics or religion...but this is a different time & the playbook has definitely changed. Business owners are finding it more and more difficult to stay neutral on important issues facing our nation.

Consumers' expectations are changing...& everything you do becomes a reflection of you, your business and your brand. Consumers now want to know exactly who a company is at its heart and what it stands for. So, in response, you must ensure the message you are putting out there directly reflects your value proposition...whether it's politics, religion, animal rights, gun ownership, etc. Consumers want to know where their dollars are going and what they are ultimately supporting.

You have to put your money where your mouth is & take a stand! Make sure it aligns with your business' overall mission. For large businesses it is the company's views, not that of any individual...but for small businesses, they are more likely one in the same. Once your overall views are out, it is almost impossible to take them whatever you do or say, make sure it is always something you can stand in. Remember, the same courage it took to start your own business, it also takes to keep it!

We have all heard the stories of businesses refusing service to people for a variety of reasons...some have wound up in court as a result! Whether or not I agree with their position and beliefs, I commend them for standing in their truth and putting their beliefs out there. After all, do you want to support a business that doesn't want your business...heck no! So in my opinion, they have spared us and enabled us to give our hard earned dollars to those who appreciate it...& you.

Senator McCain was affectionately called The Maverick because he stood tall, charted his own course and was a person of conviction and courage. We can all learn a lot from him...for business and our everyday personal lives. He was fearless!!!

Are you standing up & speaking out for what you believe in...or sitting quietly on the sidelines hoping someone else will??? This doesn't mean you have to take a stand on everything, but it certainly means you have to stand up for the things most important to you...your core morals and values...& that you are never compromising your integrity for dollars and cents.

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