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September 7, 2018

Are your products properly representing your brand?

Oftentimes when small businesses offer supplemental products with their name or logo to their customers to help promote their brand & ultimately increase sales, they are not put through the same rigorous planning and principles as the rest of the business. This is a mistake!

I have seen t-shirts for sale for $25 & up & mugs for $15 or more. Let's face it...unless you are already an established brand like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger & Lacoste, or are also licensed to use the Philly Eagles logo (yeah, I said it...we're in Eagles territory), no one but your family and friends will be buying that stuff! When you are building your brand, it is imperative your products meet the following criteria...whether you are selling them, offering as gift with purchase or even giving them away for free. As you select products to feature your logo, & therefore your brand, ask yourself the following 6 questions:

  1. Do they make sense for my business & overall brand...& my customer?

  2. Are they desirable & useful?

  3. Are they inline with current trends?

  4. Does the quality meet the same standards I uphold for everything else?

  5. Can I price it competitively? (if you are selling the goods or even for a gift with purchase, they should be a good...even great value)

  6. Would I pay this price for the same item of another unknown brand?

If your items do not meet all of the above criteria, you should pass and either consider other items, find another resource or both. Never compromise your brand for a fast buck or to stroke your'll undoubtedly pay for it in the end...

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