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July 27, 2018

Yes, business cards are still a must!

Exchanging business cards at the end of any conversation about your business is crucial to ensure follow up! They not only add a level of professionalism, but also aid in validating the authenticity of your business.

That said, it doesn’t stop there...

Although it is indeed critical you have a business card, it is even MORE important you have a GREAT one! Just because you can make your own business cards at home & even print them on your own printer, doesn’t mean you should. Remember the old adage about first impressions...they are LASTING ONES.

Your business card says a lot about you & your business. It should be reflective of your business, your values, your style...& should distinguish you from your competition.

Business cards are a key element in your overall branding & one of the least expensive marketing tools in which you can invest. Don’t waste the opportunity!

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