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Does Your Business Need a Website?

January 11, 2019

Does your business need a website? The short answer is YES!

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, once said..."if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business." Wise words...

You may be thinking..."I am on the internet with my facebook (or instagram) page". However, although social media is also a necessity & indeed gives your business somewhat of a web presence, a website gives your business a home. It becomes the "hub" or "center" of your entire online presence! It is also the only online marketing tool of which you have complete control (not Mr. Zuckerberg). It is your dedicated space on the world-wide web to build your brand, your way and get your message and story out to potential customers. Your house...your rules!

Here are 10 quick basic facts:

  1. 70-80% of consumers will research a business on the web before making a buying decision.

  2. Over 70% of consumers say that a business' website has a direct influence over whether or not they purchase or utilize the services of that business.

  3. 81% of consumers research products & services online before buying.

  4. Having a website legitimizes your business & improves your overall is a professional tool consumers expect you to have & can make the difference between choosing you or one of your competitors (who has one)

  5. Only about 55% of small businesses have a website...this alone gives you an advantage over about 45% of your competitors!

  6. A website is a 24/7 silent salesman.

  7. Your website helps build your brand and allows you to carve space for your business in the industry & categories you wish to compete.

  8. A website is a direct line to your customers...and more importantly, gives them a direct line to your business.

  9. It is an extension of customer service!

  10. A website will increase your sales!!!

Although there may be a few examples where a website may not (yet) be suitable. However, those instances are few & far between. The better question is...can you afford NOT to have one???

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