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May 17, 2019

Small businesses often struggle in finding and using the right marketing tools to promote their brands and grow their customer base. If this sounds like you...we're here to help! Consider email marketing...

While television & radio advertising are effective, they can be too expensive for many small business...esp. those in their early stages. Social Media is a must for all businesses these days...and very effective in building brands and garnishing recognition. However, with so many elements beyond your control you may find it difficult to convert those 'likes' and 'followers' to actual paying customers. Direct mail (believe it or not) is also still a very effective marketing tool with high response rates; however, it too can be very costly...and time consuming when resources are limited. Email marketing may very well be one of the best marketing tools for small businesses.

Here are 10 reasons why Email Marketing may be right for your small business:

  1. It's fast

  2. Ease of use

  3. Low cost

  4. Targeted messaging

  5. Good response rate

  6. High ROI (return on investment)

  7. Measurable

  8. Ability to follow-up

  9. Ease of obtaining email addresses

  10. Manageable

In actuality, all forms of marketing can be effective. Depending on the industry you're in, some may be more effective than others. Consider your own goals, target audience, resources, time and finances in order to determine which marketing tools are right for your business. Email Marketing is great for small businesses for all of the reasons above and therefore almost hard to go wrong!

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