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Keep Website Content Fresh & Current!

February 22, 2019

In previous weeks, we've discussed the importance of having a website for your business. But it does not end there..."set it & forget it" only works on As Seen on TV infomercials! (smile)

A website is a necessary marketing tool for your business, but it is not a one & done...nor is it a single check on your ‘to do’ list. Websites must be kept up to date & continually refreshed! Always will get out exactly what you put in. Mari Smith (Top Social Media Power Influencer) once said "Content is King, but engagement is Queen...and SHE rules the house." I couldn't agree more...on all accounts, but we'll save the latter for another day. (smile)

What you put out there (your website content) tells your story...this is the factual information your customer needs to know about your business. But HOW you deliver that message determines whether or not you grab their attention...and more importantly, keep it! Within the first few minutes of landing on your website, your customer determines whether or not to continue looking or move on to the next business from their internet search.

A good website can help close a sale. A bad or outdated one can also lose a sale or could hurt your business overall by negatively impacting your brand, reputation and image. Your content must always be current...the information, images and design. If you still have a Mother's Day ad up in July, or an expired coupon from a previous sale or promotion, your credibility will come into question. If it is obvious to your customer your website has not been updated, they may also question whether or not your business is still open.

Quick checklist:

  1. Is your design current & on trend?

  2. Is your brand correctly represented (logo, colors, mission, etc)?

  3. Are your business hours up to date?

  4. Do you have new photos & are the existing ones representative of your products & services?

  5. Are there any new promotions to add or old ones to remove?

  6. Are your seasonal messages up to date?

  7. Is your contact information current: locations, addresses, email addresses & phone numbers.

  8. Are you linking to any outdated information on another website or platform (i.e. social media pages)?

  9. If you have an online store, are the items showing for sale all still available in the colors, sizes, styles & prices shown?

  10. Are your services & pricing up to date?

If you do not yet have a website, see our January 11th post below...then give us a call! We can also help with periodic updates or on-going website management.

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