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Learn to Say No!

January 25, 2019

We all know how hard it can be in our day to day lives to say no. Why is it that this little two letter word is one of the hardest of all to say (after about the age of two or three, when we can’t seem to stop saying it...though I digress😊)? Whether it is because we are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or worried about what they will think of us...we often say yes to things deep down we wished we’d declined.

In business this can be the kiss of death...& has led many small businesses down the road of failure. It is vital to the success of any small business to learn the art of discernment. Always remember...not all business is good business!

With revenue being a top concern for small business owners, it may seem counterintuitive to turn away business. However, bad business can be quite costly. It can cost you more time, more resources, more money, your reputation & sometimes all of the above...thus eating away at your revenue in the process.

Bad business can be a job (or request) that’s too small, too big, too demanding or even unethical. It can be a difficult customer, a client who’s indecisive or impossible; it can be something that’s just plain stupid! Whatever it is, make sure all of your business dealings pass this ‘smell’ test:

  1. Trust your gut! Just think how many bad decisions you know you could have avoided by following your instincts.

  2. Will you make an acceptable profit considering time, resources & expenses?

  3. Can you deliver on time & meet or exceed expectations?

  4. Is it a good fit...both the job for your brand & the person for your personality?

Needless to say we will all make mistakes. That is not what this is about. This is about using your voice...your power of discernment & your choice as a small business owner to say NO to business that you know may undoubtedly hurt you in the long run. Your clients/customers will appreciate & respect you more for saying NO than delivering late or substandard product or attempting to increase the price after the fact. It is a win-win all around!

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