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September 29, 2018 (our apologies for the delay!)

Are you properly prepared for your next meeting???

Whether you are preparing for a business meeting, presentation, interview, etc., the key to your success is preparation! There are 6 things to remember to ensure you are indeed prepared & thus more likely to yield your preferred outcome:

  1. Know your audience! It is imperative you know with whom you are meeting or to whom you are presenting. Gear your presentation (both facts and delivery) to that audience.

  2. Know the facts! Do your homework. When you are meeting with an individual, research their background. When you are presenting to a group from a particular company, research that company & their business...get into their store/location. Know the topic you are discussing & be clear and correct on all facts. Utilize facts to make your points whenever possible vs. opinions.

  3. Be concise & focused! Let's be honest, most of us are not fans of meetings...of any kind. There are always a myriad of other things we'd rather be doing...& we all know, time is money!

  4. Be engaging & impactful! Be passionate, be interesting & use humor whenever feasible. At the end of the day, you want to be remembered.

  5. Be positive! Even if you are delivering bad news or your meeting is involving difficult content or discussions, try to end on a happy note.

  6. Be yourself! We can often tell when people are disingenuous and would most likely avoid doing business with or hiring someone we didn't find credible or sincere.

All in all, when you are lucky enough to have someone's time and attention, utilize it wisely as you may not be given a second chance!

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