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Stop Gun Violence!

August 4, 2019

It is with heavy hearts that we share this message after not one, not two, but four public shootings in the last week (two in the last 24 hours). Our thoughts & prayers are with all the victims, their friends & families, & effected communities.

We cannot help but ask the question...when is enough, enough??? What will it take to get past the endless conversations & useless debates that go nowhere? When our kids cannot go to school, we cannot go for a night out, our families can no longer enjoy a festival & we cannot go to our local Walmart or even to work without worry...that IS enough!

We can no longer be complacent or silent...we have to speak up & out, & let our voices be heard. We have to hold the people we vote into office accountable, & demand change. The people in Baltimore are “living in hell”??? If we cannot step outside our houses without worry, or fear, or concern for our safety & the safety of our loved ones...aren’t we all??? This is a public health issue & the time is now for change! Our children, our families, our lives depend on it.

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