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The Importance of Diversity in Marketing...

February 15, 2019

The face of the world is changing...culturally, ethnically, racially, just about every way imaginable. It is a continual evolution reflective of the diversity within. The most successful businesses not only acknowledge these changes, but react accordingly to ensure their marketing & promotional efforts are indeed appealing to diverse groups.

Small businesses have a huge advantage here...being in complete control of their marketing & thus having the ability to adapt quickly and easily. The challenge, however, is that many small business owners have a tendency to market in their own "mirror image", thus solely targeting people who are most like themselves vs. that of their consumer (& more importantly...their potential consumer).

It is important to know who your target audience is, and ensure your marketing efforts and indeed INCLUSIVE of that audience vs. EXCLUSIVE. If you look at everything you put out into the universe about your business (your website, social media, flyers, advertisements, etc.) it reflective of the people and the community you service? Would all of the diverse groups you want to support your business feel invited, welcomed and comfortable with your business based on the overall message you've created for your brand?

It is vital to the success of any business, but critical to that of small businesses that your marketing is indeed as diverse as your audience. Quite often we target age and gender, while overlooking race, ethnicity & culture. Your communication style and methods must be suited to your target audience. It should be genuine, inclusive vs. exclusive, reflective of your community and as diverse as the world in which we live.

Diverse Marketing is an ongoing is not a one and done. And as consumers are becoming more and more savvy and socially conscious, failing to do so will not only make it harder for your small business to compete, but also to succeed in this ever-changing & evolving economy.

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