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Who am I???

August 17, 2018

Every great entrepreneur has a strong sense of self!

Although our hearts may be heavy as we mourn the loss of another icon (the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin), I find myself inspired by her & all of the accolades bestowed upon her. I am reminded there are always life lessons in every tragedy...even though in times of sadness and sorrow they are often difficult to see.

As I've listened to all of the news commentary, comments from her family & friends...those who knew her well, one thing jumped out at me which made her the force the world came to love...Ms. Franklin had a strong sense of self! She knew who she was and was unapologetic for it! In addition to having a voice like no other...she was said to be "a complicated, curious creature"...& I LOVED that! Someone else said she was "deeply curious". She was so much more than the Queen of if that alone wasn't enough. It was also said she was "profoundly wondrous about the world around her" and "relentlessly interrogating & always asking questions leading to her own conclusions". She was "an independent thinker & assessed things for herself". She was all of those things...& still said to be generous, kind, funny & "regular". I was shocked & amazed to learn this self-taught marvel had not one, but two children by the time she was 15...& overcame all of the odds to be the phenom we grew to love. She had a dream...& went after it!

We can all learn from Ms. Franklin. You cannot grow if you are not "curious". You cannot succeed if you do not know what it is you want to achieve. You cannot give if you do not know what you have to offer. You cannot receive if you do not know your value. You cannot demand respect, you have to first be worthy of it...& then command it. You cannot have a strong sense of self if you do not know your core beliefs, ideals, goals and purpose.

Do you know who you are???

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